Server Series – Introduction

Hey all! I wanted to get a series going on this blog that will walk through how to set up a mock enterprise infrastructure environment that is perfect for testing. Having a lab set up ready for me to test on, break, and figure out how to fix has been one of the best tools I’ve had to help me get a better understanding of how these technologies all work together and has really helped me grow in my career.

In this series, each post will go through the installation of a new server with a new purpose. This can be anything from a Domain Controller, a certificate authority server, a Jamf Pro server, and so on. Look out for those post and follow along. I will be using VMWare Fusion Pro for creating this virtual infrastructure (you can get a VMWare Fusion license for free, or you can use Parallels, VirtualBox, or if you are already invested in a full blown enterprise solution at your house, your own ESXi server.

If there is anything specific you want to see, feel free to let me know! Thank you all!

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