Automated Device Enrollment and Setup Your Mac version 1.8.1

Setup Your Mac is a fantastic project that gives end-users a great dialog to let them know what is going on with their Mac as organizational apps are being installed. This dialog added onto Automated Device Enrollment is an awesome replacement to a legacy DEPNotify onboarding workflow. Recently, SYM has had some amazing features added,…

Guide: Creating a Signed Certificate

As a Mac admin, you may come across a time that you need to deliver a package during a PreStage enrollment. To make this possible, the package must be signed or the installation will fail. In this guide we will walk through creating a signed certificate that can be used to sign a package with…

Getting Started With S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N.

Software Update Policy Enforcement (with) Recursive Messaging And Notification — just in case you wanted to know what the acronym meant. Huge shoutout to Kevin M. White ( for his application super. Super allows Mac Admins to have a workflow to both encourage and enforce macOS software updates for both Intel and Silicon Macs. In…

Set Up Your Mac and Automated Device Enrollment

“Setup Your Mac aims to simplify initial device configuration by leveraging swiftDialog and Jamf Pro Policy Custom Events to allow end-users to self-complete Mac setup post-enrollment” Dan Snelson has used Bart R’s swiftDialog to create the next evolution in notifying end-users about current progress while their Mac gets its initial configuration. Huge shoutout and thanks…


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