Jamf Pro API – Creating Accounts & Groups

To continue on my series of building a populated Jamf Pro server utilizing as much of the Jamf Pro API as possible, we will be building out our Jamf Pro Users & Groups. I have a folder in a Github repo with examples of how each option for the /JSSResource/accounts/ endpoint can be used, the […]

JNUC 2022

JNUC (for those that may not know) is the Jamf Nation User Conference. It is Jamf’s annual event to showcase what is new for Apple MDM management and for other Jamf administrators to show how they are using Jamf in their unique environments. The Jamf Nation User Conference is not a sales expo or a […]

Jamf Pro Extension Attributes – Important Dates

With extension attributes in Jamf Pro, an administrator is able to collect extra information about a computer or device whenever inventory is collected. These extra bits of information can be used to generate reports or smart groups based on the values of these attributes. For computers, these attributes can be manually inputted with a text […]

Jamf Pro API – Keep Chrome Updated

Maintaining updates may not be the most fun part of administering computers, but it is necessary. Updates bring new features to end-users and fixes for vulnerabilities. For this post, I will be focusing on the Google Chrome app as it is updated quite frequently. I will show how we can use Jamf Pro patch management, […]


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